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Jurong Hongda woolen mill

Telephone number:0511-87673011

phone number :13815162613

Address: 500 meters east of Danju Road, Baitu County, Jurong City, Jiangsu Province

         Jurong Hongda woolen mill is a modern enterprise integrating research and development, production and marketing of textile yarn. Business scope: Textile Science and technology research services; Production of yarn, thread and bedclothes, wholesale and retail of knitwear, textiles and textile raw materials, self-supporting and agent import and export business of various commodities and technologies; General cargo warehousing services, etc. Guided by the market, the company has purchased international perfect yarn automatic production equipment and applied international textile technology to meet the needs of the market and gain the trust of customers with innovation, sincerity and effectiveness. Our products are not only welcomed by domestic enterprises and customers, but also exported to Europe, America, Japan, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

       The company follows the principles of perfect technology, economy and practicality, acting according to its ability and focusing on development. With the requirements of excellent, effective, flexible and economical, it is economical, applicable and beautiful. Scientific and reasonable design to ensure the safety of operation. All links are strictly implemented in accordance with the current national technical standards and specifications.

       We should replace the backward production technology and process with perfect textile market technology and process, and the level of technical equipment should reach the domestic front-end level; Purchase international and domestic textile machinery and equipment with good performance, and replace the original single machine production with complete sets of textile production line equipment, which fully reflects the important characteristics of modern textile industry; Socialized and specialized production methods are used to replace the traditional small workshop production methods to realize multi variety and serial production; Improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce production costs, and obtain better economic and social benefits.